Storm Technologies

Storm Casino Management Systems (SCMS) is a set of powerful software solutions developed and maintained by Storm International. The suite provides an operator with everything needed to manage casinos and slot locations in a modern environment.

SCMS combines flexibility and security of cloud-based technology, cost-effectiveness of virtual machines and VMware-based hyper visor, all in convenience of Windows-based platforms. Our software is developed to meet various local regulations and requirements, including incorporation in state-owned data monitoring networks. 

These solutions are aimed to accumulate and analyze full and accurate data on players, games, cash flow, marketing, CCTV and staff, which is vital for further business intelligence processing and smart operational decisions.

Storm Casino Management Systems

SCMS is a product of choice for operators who seek real-time access to a comprehensive snapshot of casino totals, individual player’s results, online information of slots, tables and overall statistics. The software has wide functionality to control and carefully audit all gaming and non-gaming revenues.

• Players’ segmentation & status management.
• Flexible reporting features.
• Effective revenue protection.
• CCTV investigation reports.

Slots Management System

Slots Management System and iCon are designed either to be operated as a standalone solution for slots only locations or to be integrated into SCMS for slots and tables operations. Its primary functions are to handle fiscal information, collect other important data from the slot floor and deliver full control over the whole location.

• Supports slot machines of all major manufacturers.
• Real-time meters’ collection and balancing.
• Event monitoring and alerting.
• Multi-denomination and multi-game support.
• Single or multi-site configuration.
• Financial history for each player, each slot machine and each cashier.
• Flexible role-based access matrix and audit trail control.
• Audio and Video advertising platform.

Staff Management System

Storm Staff Management System is aimed to be more than just another generic HR management tool. It was designed to be a convenient environment for top and middle management to deliver comprehensive functionality, customized for administering all gaming operations personnel. Significant attention is devoted to the protection of personal data and confidentiality aspects.

• Support of group-wide structures for multi-unit companies.
• Support of staff transfers within the group of companies.
• Ability to track actual working hours and man-hour costs. 
• Scheduling and attendance.
• Flexibly adjusted presets for managing break-lists.