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The Kharkiv Palace Hotel opens Shangri La International Casino

Dec 1, 2021

On December the 5th the first legal casino in the city - Shangri La opened in Kharkiv. The international casino is located in the five-star Kharkiv Palace hotel in the very center of the city. Before the opening of the casino, representatives of Storm International held a press conference for journalists and the public.


Shangri La Kharkiv casino is located in the elite five-star hotel Kharkiv Palace close to Freedom Square.


More than 1300 sq. m of entertainment, including dozens of new slot gaming machines from the world's leading manufacturers, table card games, roulette tables, a branded bar, lounge areas and VIP rooms.

The operator of Shangri La Kharkiv casino is the international gambling company Storm International, which has been successfully doing business in Europe and the CIS for decades.

“We are the first legal casino in Kharkiv and we hope that our business will flourish here. Walking around this casino, you can understand how pleased we are with the result, ”said Michael Boettcher, founder of Storm International, during a press conference.

More than 300 people have become the employees of this casino, who have been trained in accordance with the world standards of the gambling business.

“In the US, there are casinos in almost every state, in the East there is Macau, Singapore, the Philippines, etc. And now, in between Asia and The Americas is Ukraine, with a unique opportunity to capture a huge and valuable market in Central Europe and from Europe itself, especially from the EU because of excessive taxation and over regulation. And in Turkey, Israel and the Middle East, this business is simply prohibited. People from these countries and the countries of the former USSR can now come to Ukraine, where the gaming industry is now legal and where the government is responding to requests to better regulate and tax the industry which will encourage more and more foreign tourists to visit, ”says Michael Boettcher.

The Shangri La Kharkiv casino begins to receive guests almost ten years after the opening of the most expensive hotel in Kharkiv, Kharkiv Palace, which was built in time to coincide with the 2012 European Football Championship.

Over the last year of operation in Ukraine, Storm International has opened several slots city halls in Kyiv, Kharkiv and Zaporozhye, as well as Shangri La casinos in Kyiv and Kharkiv. Storm International also remains the only international investor in the country's new legal gambling market.

The gambling establishments of this company now also operate in Georgia, Armenia, Germany and Belarus, with further plans to open in other cities in Ukraine and newly legalised Myanmar, as well as looking opportunities in Egypt and Batumi in Georgia, with a continuing vision to escalate its operations around the world.